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stolen westfalia californias

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Forum Name: Stolen Van register.
Forum Description: A list of stolen vehicles.
Printed Date: 19 Sep 21 at 12:58
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Topic: stolen westfalia californias
Posted By: louism1
Subject: stolen westfalia californias
Date Posted: 09 Jun 07 at 12:03

Stolen from Middlesex motorcaravans Edgware overnight 0208 952 4045.07887 743747 .Any info would be appreciated

1989 red westfalia california elevating roof on german plates M041362 chassis number wv2zzz25zkh058258 1.6 turbo diesel has large bass speaker in bed box and radio housing with switches on front facia housing table pole and water tank.

1989 white westfalia california elevating roof on german plates wn04142  chassis number wv2zzz25zkh81343 1.6 turbo diesel has colour coded white bumpers and wing mirrors and front yellow fog lights has fridge flue vent missing and damage to both rear wheel arches that have been badly repaired

Posted By: Germman
Date Posted: 09 Jun 07 at 16:31
 sorry to hear that , eyes peeled in coventry area 


Coventry near Vanarchy

*Wanted mint early AC STUFF*

Posted By: orangina
Date Posted: 09 Jun 07 at 18:23
On the alert at Huntingdon, Cambridgeshire - A1 & A14


Posted By: Tee3
Date Posted: 09 Jun 07 at 19:02



YOU CANT EDUCATE PORK" rel="nofollow -

Posted By: retrosteve
Date Posted: 09 Jun 07 at 19:26

very worrying .. not least because it means people are prepared to either ring-or steal the vans to break them..


 unless they were stolen by retards who assumed the vin numbers would not be recorded or have future bearing on a van later registered in the uk?


either way it is very worrying, having had a van stolen en route from europe we take a few precautions,- and have cctv etc at work.. but its only  as good as the images it captures.. seems like the thieves knew what they wanted.. and in those cases almost nothing will stop a theft.

which, makes today a bad day for all t3 owners . 

i hope the vans are recovered swiftly and the culprits treated without leniency ..

retrosteve is steve walker ..who also is 01932 873493/ 07974579667- t3 westfalia sales/service/parts... surrey england - koln germany

Posted By: Joker_Club
Date Posted: 09 Jun 07 at 22:48
Too right Steve, a bit of leniency never hurt anyone

Sunny Lancs

Posted By: batty
Date Posted: 10 Jun 07 at 00:35
What a nightmare!

Could be Pikeys as they love their diesels...????

On a serious note I bought my Westy Joker from Graham at Middlesex
motorcaravans and he's one decent chap and definately doesn't deserve

With a bit of luck the culprits wil be caught and punished, nothing short
of execution is good enough for them!

Maybe worth checking that these 2 vans don't appear at any future VW
shows although i reckon they may appear on ebay as thieves are usually a
bit dim and would be stupid enough to try and sell them this way!

Good luck in getting the vans back.


Date Posted: 10 Jun 07 at 09:29
i doubt the thieves were dim-after all they took two of the things!
which would rule out opportunism, or someone targetting a van to  replace their rotten one ... (unless they were sat with the keys in -which i doubt)

excecution is a bit strong,but no one deserves to have their posessions taken by anyone without permission- uk scum of europe.. ??? we certainly lack the morals we like to think the nation posesses.

people pinch stuff because they either want the items for themselves,or they think they can make money by selling the items..

they may try and sell the vans as is 
change the identity to scrapped or rusty uk vans...
or break them for parts

each has a degree of detection attatched, although not a lot i am afraid if they decide to pull the vans apart

again hope it rectifies itself asap

Steve Walker - - Eastfalia - - E-mail - 01483 810756

Posted By: Z Z
Date Posted: 10 Jun 07 at 16:08
Hope you get them back.
This is becoming the problem as the price of vans goes up. thieves are always on the look out.
My driveway is like a fortress!!! (cant be too careful.) I have a friend who parked his on the street and it disappeared overnight. Ba*stards!


Posted By: badger
Date Posted: 10 Jun 07 at 20:23

 Maybe time to buy a huge steering lock...

keep my eye out, but would think stolen to order or will end up broken for spares through various outlets - worth remembering when you see "cherry" parts for sale.

Posted By: phil g
Date Posted: 10 Jun 07 at 23:19

Hi. Sorry 2 hear u got burnt. Lesson here is these vehicals are valuable and disposable. They've hit you once, so assume they'll be back. disabling the vehicle is a start but wont stop em. wheel clamps will slow them down alot. dogs make loads of noise ! Hope your insured.

Its not fair to assume who's responsible without evidence. I hope u you get them back & keep a watch out.

Posted By: dub dub campers
Date Posted: 11 Jun 07 at 00:46

I Reckon stolen for parts personally, no one is that dumb to steel two them try to register them in this country, i would alert dover customs watch ASAP, And post the engine numbers on this site somewhere and hope the fu*kers get caught in 6 months time, and no one is going to steel two unless they have a shed to store and strip down, or from middlesex to dover in the same day. any info on the interior parts (unique markings, drill holes..etc) as we can all keep a watch to see what comes on on Ebay in the next couiple of months.

Might be an idea also when advertising on Ebay not to give the vans full address, as i think we all have seen these vans for sale on ebay over the past few weeks, And if someone is in the market for one Ebay will be the first place to look,

Did you have any viewings on the vans, as a potential buyer is also a potential thief,

dub dub
Stuart Roper,
Lampeter, Mid Wales
07966 270767,

Posted By: chickenkoop
Date Posted: 11 Jun 07 at 08:31

 will keep a look out in cov too, I've got a red westy Cal so it will be a twin of mine so i'll def stop and look at it, I got my cal from Graham too.keep um peeled.


98, karmann Colorado,
89, T3 westy california
Brickin it in Cov.

Posted By: Emmz
Date Posted: 11 Jun 07 at 11:46

Oh No :(

Im looking out in East Sussex for you...

That is extremely odd, ive been watching 1989 california red on Ebay, the one from Middlesexmotors,,,,,and i emailed them to enquire if it was still for sale this morning as it didnt reach its reserve

Posted By: louism1
Date Posted: 11 Jun 07 at 12:02
thanks for your replies obviously the more people aware and looking out hopefully they may be found.For your info they were both immobilised  but obviously not well enough and in any case windows were broken to gain entry .Let this be a lesson for others if you think your motor is thief proof think again!!!!

Posted By: terryvanman
Date Posted: 11 Jun 07 at 12:26

you dont stand a chance of keeping your vans

when I had my mint 1992 stolen at 4 am

the shittheads lifted it up on a truck and vanished into the night

the alarm was going and it had a steering lock fitted

if they want it....they will take matter what

your vans are probably on the continent or in bits already

its not just dover you have to look at.

they probably had a ticket for the ferry

with the numberplate on it before they nicked them


sorry to be so nagative......I really do hope you find them and you get them back. If not make the insurance pay the going rate for a westy and not for some tin pot van as mine tried too. 

new man

Posted By: Stu Dapples
Date Posted: 11 Jun 07 at 15:16

Wankers! Good luck with the insurance claim is all I can say.......

Will keep my eyes open in the Worcester area, not too many about up this way so I would notice them.... Especially on German plates if they are dumb enough to leave them on

Posted By: pamela
Date Posted: 12 Jun 07 at 16:13
Will keep eye open for any signs of vans in lake District sorry to here about theft makes you wonder.


Posted By: billy boy
Date Posted: 13 Jun 07 at 03:10

Has all the trademarks of a close to home job to me ie not opportunist to use copper dialogue. Nope, no chancing involved in this one. Well planned and executed it seems. Sadly chances are you`ve unknowingly met or seen or know of the inbreds who did the robbing. Might be more efficient pushing out a couple of k on the market in return for patellas and info - only hard cash will get results I`m afraid. Someone always talks for bucks, they won`t be being scared of the Sopranos. The pimps won`t like it that their handywork takes prominence in this forum either.

Hey, best of luck

Still bloody love my bloody van

Posted By: gunnerheard
Date Posted: 13 Jun 07 at 20:11
Unlikely but lets hope the bastards are stupid enough to post on ebay, so they can be snarred, you never can tell always worth a try

Do farts ave lumps in em?

Posted By: billy
Date Posted: 14 Jun 07 at 09:24
Either we will be buying the bits at this yrs shows--or they are in Poland by now---

Norf Essex--'s all Estuary 'ere init mate?--& it aint a classic-its a T3-keep'em runnin'-keep'em cheap

Posted By: buzzbox
Date Posted: 01 Jul 07 at 08:53
sorry too hear 'bout the rat bagin' b'stards who robbed you. Will keep a look out here!

sh*t happenz!

Posted By:
Date Posted: 02 Jul 07 at 10:46

Hi Guys firstly may i say how sorry we are the vans are gone we got the link Fwd from an agent of ours because we had 2 T3 Westys vans stolen the other day, luckily the stupid bastards stole one while the brakes were being serviced and had no fluid in so they got a nasty shock as they reached the first corner appart from a broken steering lock and a door slighly bent its ok but they got away with a T3 California Hitop, again not registered chassis number WV2ZZZ25ZLH078339.

Also as you may or may not know we are based in N.Wales so this is not a local group of people.

So if a new ad comes up in Volksworld advertising "T3 Westfalia breakers" we know were to go.

anyway i just thought i'd ad our problem as it may make others think there random break-in may be part of this and maybe we can get these bastards.

take care guys


oh yeah i thought i'd add a link to the van i know it looks like any other T3 but you never know. -


Oli Ltd

Posted By: buzzbox
Date Posted: 02 Jul 07 at 16:27

I know it's a long shot, but would it be worth asking the specialist T3 breakers we already know about to see if anyone has been asking about right hand dashboards / righthand pedal box assembly as it is lefthand drive and unregistered. Also, could be worth tipping the relevant authorities about it just incase someone tries to register it as an import. Unfortunatly it's more likely to be stripped for bits though. Will be looking out for it in Leicestershire still!


sh*t happenz!

Posted By:
Date Posted: 02 Jul 07 at 17:14

Its worth a go they'd be realy stupid to call us shows is the other suddenly theres some one with 3 pairs of Captains chairs and three grey units with more stock at his "unit" we can string him up.

The police have all the details on our van so if they are daft enouph to try and register it we've got em but am sure they could just as easily change chassis numbers.

Posted By: mazz
Date Posted: 02 Jul 07 at 23:55
been to your place years ago to buy a westy off you mr RCC if they have stole a vehicle from you it would have to be well planned as you would never find a your place by chance ,i work in vehicle security and vehicle theft of new vehicles as almost died ,so its obvious that car thieves are moving on to pastures new.they are probably stealing to order from advertised vehicles but nobody should under estimate these people,good theft prevention in my eyes is to put a hidden manual valve in fuel line its cheap (local hydulics shop)and it means they end up breaking down 1 mile from your house in middle of road plus the pump has been starved of fuel so it will take a age to get going again

MV Engineering-TDi conversion specialist
07989593569-01952 581818

Posted By: whitleybaywatch
Date Posted: 15 Jul 07 at 19:00
Feccers,  Doncaster looking out for your campers Graham, If spotted they will be dealt with accordingly,

Posted By: timmo
Date Posted: 07 Aug 07 at 00:50
Originally posted by mazz mazz wrote:

been to your place years ago to buy a westy off you mr RCC if they have stole a vehicle from you it would have to be well planned as you would never find a your place by chance ,i work in vehicle security and vehicle theft of new vehicles as almost died ,so its obvious that car thieves are moving on to pastures new.they are probably stealing to order from advertised vehicles but nobody should under estimate these people,good theft prevention in my eyes is to put a hidden manual valve in fuel line its cheap (local hydulics shop)and it means they end up breaking down 1 mile from your house in middle of road plus the pump has been starved of fuel so it will take a age to get going again

That is a dam good idea - think i will do this to my bus just in case, as it gets parked in some very public places!

Posted By: buzzbox
Date Posted: 07 Aug 07 at 07:19
There used to be a key lockable valve to put in the brake line on the market years ago, i wonder if you can still get them?

sh*t happenz!

Posted By: crewpad
Date Posted: 13 Aug 07 at 19:12
eyes peeled in cornwall...some people need to lose some fingers.... ive got a celtic axe!!!!!

chips dips chains n whips....

Posted By: Andrew
Date Posted: 15 Aug 07 at 23:31
Heard the new joke?  'Welcome to Poland - your car is already here!'

Andrew in Norway

Posted By: splittie67
Date Posted: 17 Aug 07 at 20:02

Sorry to hear about the theft - sounds like they knew what they were looking for??? A new ringer in valuable Type 3's eh? where will it end - the pikey f**kers will be scouting around show n shine arena's next for our valuable sought after parts.

Just a thought - any point in contacting the previous German owners / German authorities in case you dealt with some shedy characters back in the fatherland (I presume they were recently imported to the UK) who think they are clever enough to come and take them back home?

Will keep an eye out in Cornwall area anyway - its sill tourist season so loads of campers around at the moment.

Good Luck

Posted By: gremlin
Date Posted: 17 Aug 07 at 23:52



i hope you get the vans back...and get to batter the swines

oh....and execution is not the answer...until they're begging for it!




Posted By: St. Jon
Date Posted: 03 Sep 07 at 21:02
VAn theft is becoming a major issue at the mo, i advise eberybody to make every effort to stop this, dont go for the products on the market.... wheel clamps, immobilisers etc as they no how to get round em all in seconds, think unique and keep your ideas to yourself, if you come up with a good anti-theft device make it use it and say nothing word of mouth spreads fast and before ya no it some thieving fcuker has thought of a way round it and robbed your bus

Posted By: Dominic
Date Posted: 02 Dec 07 at 15:33
Did any of these vans ever turn up?

Posted By:
Date Posted: 03 Dec 07 at 09:34
No unfortunatly, one guy said he saw it on ebay but i missed it, its prob in bits now. 

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