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** New member? Please read . . . **

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Topic: ** New member? Please read . . . **
Posted By: canny bagga Tudor
Subject: ** New member? Please read . . . **
Date Posted: 05 Oct 09 at 18:25
Welcome to the LT & Crafter forum, which is part of the Brick-Yard forum.  Please spend a few minutes reading the information below as it will help you to find your way around on here.

There are three LT sections on Brick-Yard:
1. LT1 forum – this is for general discussion relating to all things LT1 (apart from technical questions, parts and manuals!)
2. LT Tech Section – this is the place for technical questions (“it’s not working, how do I fix it?”) and information about parts and owners manuals etc please state LT1 or LT2 on your topic
3. LT2 forum just like the LT1 section but for later LTs

At the top of each LT forum there are some topics which have been “stickied”.  This means that they have been pinned to the top of the list (look at the little picture to the left of the topic title, some of them have a yellow pin sticking into them) because they’re about important, or frequently asked topics.  Please spend a couple of minutes looking at these stickies, because a question that you want to ask (e.g. “where can I find a manual for my van?”) might’ve already been answered.

Stickies that you might be interested in as a new member:

technical-manuals-etc_topic30616.html" rel="nofollow - Technical Manuals / Owners Manuals
some-useful-links_topic29314.html" rel="nofollow - Useful links  (i.e. where to find parts etc)
posting-pictures_topic44085.html" rel="nofollow - How to post photos on here
lt-register_topic29548.html" rel="nofollow - LT register
lt-owners-map_topic31357.html" rel="nofollow - LT owners map  
ur-van_topic27472.html" rel="nofollow - Your van  
ur-van-conversion_topic37726.html" rel="nofollow - Camping conversions  (i.e. LT campervan interiors)
camp-sites-etc_topic30238.html" rel="nofollow - Campsites

Profile location and map:
If you add your location to your profile it will appear just below your username when you post on the forum.  This is worth doing because there might be other members in your area that you could meet up with if you need help with your van.  To add a location to your profile, look at the top left corner of the forum page just below the Brick-Yard logo, click on “member control panel” and “edit profile”.  Don’t add your full address or a postcode as a location, just your town, city or county.

You can also add your location to the LT owners map which makes it easy to see which other members are in your area

LT's vary from year to year so if you are asking for help it saves a lot of questions if you add your vehicle's details to your signature.
It's easy to do via the Member Control Panel and will ensure a quicker response.

For sale and wanted:
If you have bits that you want to sell, or you want to ask other members if they have a part that you need, please use the for sale and wanted forums in the Auto Jumble section on Brick-Yard; look at the top left corner of the forum page just below the Brick-Yard logo, click on “Forum Home” and then scroll down the page to Auto Jumble, which is just below the Caddy forum.

Brickie’s Arms, Brickwerks and introducing yourself:
The LT forum is part of the wider VW community on Brick-Yard.  If you click on “forum home” it takes you to the Brick-Yard home page where you can see all the other VW forums on here.  The general chat section on Brick-Yard is the Brickie’s Arms.  You might want to spend a bit of time in there as well.  Be advised; there are some straight-talking people in there who have a distinct sense of humour, but it’s a friendly crowd!

Brick-Yard is hosted by Simon Baxter who runs Brickwerks garage (and online parts shop) near Huddersfield.  More info here:" rel="nofollow - Brickwerks     

Now you have a rough idea how it all works and where some of the different topics and forums are (hopefully!).  There’s lots of useful information and helpful people on here.  Feel free to jump straight in and introduce yourself, tell us a bit about your van etc.  You can do that in the LT & Crafter forum and in the Brickie’s Arms as well if you want to (but you’ll be expected to get a “virtual” round in when you introduce yourself in Brickie’s Arms, so don’t forget to ask what they’re drinking!) Smile

We hope you enjoy your time on the LT forum and Brick-Yard.  The more people that post, the more discussion there is, so don’t be shy, get stuck in! Thumbs Up

1993, LT31, 2.4 petrol (with a 1E engine), lwb, camper conversion project.

Posted By: BeJay
Date Posted: 07 Oct 09 at 03:52
Hi guys,
            not really sure what you're trying to do but is this - LT Register   what you mean


Posted By: canny bagga Tudor
Date Posted: 07 Oct 09 at 05:10
Yeah, that's it BeJay!  Clap  How did you do it?


1993, LT31, 2.4 petrol (with a 1E engine), lwb, camper conversion project.

Posted By: BeJay
Date Posted: 07 Oct 09 at 11:35
Hi Tony.
              I assume it's the same as Andy T mentioned the [url= method as this is how I did  it but I find that it doesn't work if you use the 'quick reply' option, I have to use the 'post reply' way of posting and for some reason it doesn't seem to like you just cutting and pasting the link from another post, but if you actually go to the page you want (I usually just open another window to flick from page to page on) and then cut and paste from the browser bar on that page it seems to work, don't know why this is but as I say it works for me (hope you can make sense of this Big smile)
                                                cheers, Jack.
Tony as you'll see below    vvvvvv    I've cut and pasted your original post and re-done all the links (you'd doubled up on the LT owners map link so I took one out) so if you just cut and paste the whole post  (without my avatar and siggy etc) into a new post by yourself then ask Steve B if he'll just leave that post at the top and remove the rest of this thread (it doesn't need to be here it's just us faffing about trying to get the post as you wanted it) job should be a good 'un LOLLOL
                                                                              cheers, Jack.


Posted By: AndyT
Date Posted: 07 Oct 09 at 13:58
Nice one Bejay, I'll tidy up the posts and then have another go as you describe.
Now will cut and paste work or will it lose the formatting....

LT28 1979 2.0 Pampas Nevada Camper LPG 93K, 1980 T3 A/C Camper 98K,1994 RRC 3.9 LPG 120k , 1998 Audi A6 Est 2.5 V6 diesel 127k

Posted By: borg
Date Posted: 07 Oct 09 at 16:28
The BBcodes for URL formatting are

[URL=]My Link[/URL] BBcodes.asp# - My Link
[URL][/URL] BBcodes.asp# -
[]My Email[/EMAIL] BBcodes.asp# - My Email

They also work in the quick reply box

Posted By: AndyT
Date Posted: 07 Oct 09 at 16:36
Thanks for that, but I'd already gone through the help to the main bbcodes page to get an idea of what was possible.
I was trying the My Link option and it definitely did not work, whatever I typed came out as >" or some such, nothing else.
Working now anyway so we can update the design as and when ideas are suggested.

LT28 1979 2.0 Pampas Nevada Camper LPG 93K, 1980 T3 A/C Camper 98K,1994 RRC 3.9 LPG 120k , 1998 Audi A6 Est 2.5 V6 diesel 127k

Posted By: canny bagga Tudor
Date Posted: 07 Oct 09 at 18:51
Looking very tidy now, great to see that it's all sorted, nice one fellas. Clap Smile

I always use post reply rather than quick reply and [url= . . .  wasn't working for me before, but it does now! Wacko


1993, LT31, 2.4 petrol (with a 1E engine), lwb, camper conversion project.

Posted By: borg
Date Posted: 08 Oct 09 at 09:53
I've not updated the forum software on this site since August, so very strange it wasn't working for a while for you.

If your link contains querystrings then sometime this can course problems due to security filters to remove any malicious code.

There is also an Insert Hyper Link button in the post editors toolbar which can be used, if you want to turn some wording like 'click here' to a link highlight it first using the mouse, then click on the Insert Hyperlink button, this will then turn the highlighted text into a link.

Posted By: AndyT
Date Posted: 02 Sep 13 at 13:15
Hi Folks,

Been a few posts recently with links to eBay etc.
I know it's tempting if you see something that might be useful to other members, but it's not allowed unless asked for in response to a parts request etc.
Not my rules but I don't pay for the forum running costs, or have to deal with the problems caused either, so be good guys.



LT28 1979 2.0 Pampas Nevada Camper LPG 93K, 1980 T3 A/C Camper 98K,1994 RRC 3.9 LPG 120k , 1998 Audi A6 Est 2.5 V6 diesel 127k

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