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Leaf Spring rubber buffer.

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Topic: Leaf Spring rubber buffer.
Posted By: BobL
Subject: Leaf Spring rubber buffer.
Date Posted: 22 Jan 19 at 12:51
 LT35 Mk1 . I need a rubber buffer that goes between the end of the lower leaf spring and the main spring . Just this between me and a new MOT. Does anybody know where I can get one from or an alternative or how to do a doctor job please.


Posted By: LTCamper89
Date Posted: 23 Jan 19 at 12:05" rel="nofollow -

Use part numbers to search for vendors.

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Posted By: Steptop
Date Posted: 24 Jan 19 at 22:14
I'll need these too as mine look shot. Please post back where to get some if you manage to source some, or what you do as an alternative

I wouldnt expect them to be picked up as an issue for the MOT though, bit OTT?

thanks for the parts link, its a really helpful diagram. My best guess from there is it's no.17, 'pressure washer' 

a quick search on ebay for 'leaf spring pressure' throws up a bunch of rectangular 'leaf spring pressure disc' components mostly for mercedes, which I guess must serve same function, and could probably be adapted for use if more suitable ones can't be found

fallen in love with the LT, and I think it's going to be a long-term thing...

Posted By: 912
Date Posted: 25 Jan 19 at 00:38
Try a lead spring reconditioning place, they will probably have a source

Posted By: BobL
Date Posted: 27 Jan 19 at 07:44
I have something ordered from Mecatechnic costing 13.60 euros. Although I have ordered the correct part number I am not sure whether I have bought a pressure washer or 5 lit of antifreeze ???. It is taking a couple of weeks to deliver. The factor seems to be a classic VW supplier just over the water in France. I could have biked there quicker and picked it up on my rusty old bike !!  I could have got one from Latvia via ebay at £3 postage but with a month to deliver. I found one in Germany but they wanted 35 euros to deliver so go careful. I felt I should try and get the correct item as it is shaped to fit the indentation in the spring. I will let you know what I receive.
           Thanks for the 7zap link LT Camper. I can now find anything for anything ( or nearly)

Posted By: BobL
Date Posted: 08 Feb 19 at 10:13
Update,,,failure !! See picture. What I received is lodged on top of spring,the correct part number pressure washer What I need is in the spring. On research it looks like 5A in 7Zap picture  for 1997 LT35's.  I would be interested to know what other people have in their springs. My van is registered 1996, probably one of the last ones off the line,,,could I have an oddball??

I have a pressure washer  ( in picture ) part number 281 511 157 No 17 on 7Zap picture up for grabs if it fits your vehicle.  Still work in progress, don't know which way to go at the moment.  Going tr try the spring manufacture rout if I can't find the correct one. Any other ideas welcome.
I have a new MOT so no panic.

Posted By: nooberdoober
Date Posted: 09 May 19 at 09:43
I'd use a light copper wire brush to give the old ones a scrub and see how they come up.  Mine is an early lt40 with the heavy rear leafsprings. These same rubber bump stops looked atrocious prior to a bit of tlc. They are made of ridiculously tough stuff. Worth a try if you've still not found a solution or if anyone else has similar issues.  Unless they are really  cracked and obviously useless id say take them off and clean them up. 

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