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2.4 Petrol Florida Question

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Topic: 2.4 Petrol Florida Question
Posted By: coopster
Subject: 2.4 Petrol Florida Question
Date Posted: 24 Jun 19 at 15:24
I am currently toying with the idea of purchasing a  LT31 Florida - I have seen one that looks pretty decent however its the 2.4 straight 6 petrol model - I see everyone raving about how the 2.4Td is the engine to have but are the petrol engined ones really that bad? I would be converting it to LPG and upgrading tyres if I bought it .
I currently have 2110 stroker power 72 Westfalia but I am sick of towing a trailer and setting up an awning and with two young kids deffo need more room .


Posted By: Chappy
Date Posted: 25 Jun 19 at 22:16

I had no idea that they came with a petrol engine! Is it original?

Sorry I can't comment on suitability of the petrol engine, but just intrigued!

Back in the slow lane, yeah!

Posted By: coopster
Date Posted: 25 Jun 19 at 22:28" rel="nofollow -

Yip 2.4 petrol straight 6 (94PS/92Bhp)

Posted By: nooberdoober
Date Posted: 25 Jun 19 at 22:43
Hello Coopster

I own an '84 petrol version which I completely rebuilt and It is still gutless but I'm carrying a small house on the back of mine.

I saw a really excellent light blue example of mk1 petrol last year sometime, that was running as steady as the day it was built. Old 2B6 Carb, points ignition and still a very very good runner.

I've had a go in an LT28 with the injection version of the petrol d24 (rare as fook so I'm led to believe) and its a totally different experience. The lighter weight vehicle and the injection system make it a very different driving experience. If the engine is good in your 31, Carb is in good working order, runs steadily then it might be worth it but get used to fixing it up, buy/download the manuals etc.

Mine is converted to LPG. When running right, and it's really important to get it set up right, it is really fine to drive but you lose some power vs running it on petrol. Costs roughly a grand (maybe a bit more) to have it set up.

The upshot is yeah they be gutless in the heavy coach-builts and particularly juicy but in a 31, might still be worth considering. a '93 would have the newer carb I think. the 2E6 which I understand to be a better carb. 

If you really want an LT, knowing what I know now I've owned it for a while, and despite how proud I am of it...I'd probably get a diesel. A good one will give you something like an extra 15bhp, pull better with the turbo and there are more of them still around that you can harvest for parts. Plus I suspect far easier to find decent new parts.

I got me a 2.4 straight Six......and it's a soundin JUICY!

1984 LT40 2.4 petrol Coachbuilt Autotrail Motorhome

Posted By: coopster
Date Posted: 25 Jun 19 at 22:54
Thanks for the reply nooberdoober - I''m no stranger to fixing things up as I have had my current 1972 Westfalia for 20years - so a bit of fettling doesn't put me off although I'm more comfortable around carbs etc than injectors and glow plugs , I've got a big motor (2110 Stroker) in my bay just now and the MPG isn't great but I am not expecting the 31 to be any different and I usuallly tow a trailer with all my camping gear so restricted to 55-60 anyway . If the one I am going to see is as good as it looks I'll prob just get it and LPG it and see how I go with it if nots for me I've got my Bay to fall back on but I fear once the Mrs gets used to the space/home comforts inside a Florida I will have made a rod for my own back :)

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