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Normal LT top speed

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Topic: Normal LT top speed
Posted By: binary___
Subject: Normal LT top speed
Date Posted: 03 Jun 20 at 11:49

LT 31 owner from Sweden here, looking for some info on the health of my bus.

I have the standard 1982 high top LT31 with the 2.4D non turbo engine with the 5 speed gear box. Last winter the injectors were serviced and at the same time we built a new exhaust, changed the oil and filter, airfilter and fuelfilter. She starts real easy, give a bit of throttle and she even starts without the glow. Shes quite strong in the low end, never have any problems starting in second gear and stuff like that. Never had a problem with low speed tourqe.

The question I have is if it is normal to never break 55 mph on flat ground? When I put my foot down, she gets completely out of breath after passing about 40 mph, and I have gotten in to the habbit of just resting my heel on the gas pedal, as we are at max throttle all the time to keep up with normal traffic. My SO is afraid of driving the thing as she thinks it dangerously slow and gets in a fret as soon as there is any kind of traffic around us.

There is no tacho installed so I cant read the revs, but it does not sound like its even near any kind of high revs. She just sounds tired.

Granted, the bus has passed 170 000 miles by now, and the former glory of the animal under the hood might have gone by the wayside, but are there anything I should look out for specifically that can hamper top end power delivery?

Best regards

Posted By: Buss Marius
Date Posted: 03 Jun 20 at 12:23
Gas peadal cable may bee? My Karmann With the same engine (75hp DW) went a few km faster after i tightend it. The moore you drive With flatt pedal, the more likely it is to get a slack.
I messured my Karmann on totaly flatt, between Malmø and Trelleborg and it did 108km/h on the GPS. The Taco showed about 120 km/h.
The next is to adjust the pump. I tried to gain a few horese by adjusting it, but it seem the pump was wery well adjusted already. The consumtion i mesured was 13L/100km on the pedal-to-tha-mettal strech on E6, from Nor-Swe boarder to Trelleborg and 11Liter in Northern Germany.
Try adjusting the screw on the pump 1/2 og 1/4 of a round at a time. The Worst that can happen is it smoking like an old steam Train, then you just turn the screw back. If it is some thing wrong With the pump, get one from a Volvo 240/740 and you will have 85 horses

87 Karmann LT L 2,4D. 89 T3 Syncro Reimo 1,9TD. 2000 T4 Caravelle TDI

Posted By: binary___
Date Posted: 03 Jun 20 at 13:43
Thank you for your reply! Wow, 108 sounds sick, I've never even been near 95 in a slope. I will check the cable and the pump, the pump has been wrongly adjusted before so it might just be that it has not been correctly set after that.

I remember a tip I read online about the gas pedal. There is a small piece of bent steel at the back of it, if you flatten it the gas peddal goes a bit further and should then give more gas. I have never dared trying that though.

Posted By: binary___
Date Posted: 03 Jun 20 at 17:25
Looking at it right now, and there is no slack in the throttle cable. The pedal has a bit of play in it, but at full throttle the throttle lever touches the stopper. The timing is set right up to the factory maximum, cant go higher without breaking the "seal".

Posted By: Buss Marius
Date Posted: 03 Jun 20 at 18:36
Is the stopper correct adjusted?
And the other adjuster is the screw just above the tiny cable to the diesel shutt off valve. If there is a seal on it, break it. There is no waranty on the car anny more.
Then it is the fuel supply. is there anny blockage in the fuel lines or inntake in the fule tank? If there where some kind of blockage in the air intake system, you would have black smoke.
If that doesn't helpe, take it to a diesel specialist.
Your van is much more aerodynamic than my Karmann and wee usualy are loaded to about 3130kg. Your high roof should have a max speed of 115-120 correct (GPS) km/h

87 Karmann LT L 2,4D. 89 T3 Syncro Reimo 1,9TD. 2000 T4 Caravelle TDI

Posted By: binary___
Date Posted: 03 Jun 20 at 19:19
I dont know, is there a base setting or something for the max throttle stopper? I can see by the oil and grime on the screw that someone has changed the setting at least once in the last 10 years. 

What is the easiest way of breaking the factory seal? Just so we are talking about the same thing, this is the "more smoke"-screw that Swedish youths love to mash all the way in on their old volvos.

Posted By: Buss Marius
Date Posted: 04 Jun 20 at 13:26
You do have the VAG 6 sylinder Diesel and not the 2,7 Perkins 4 sylinder?
Yes it is the More smoke skrew.
Is there a thin steel cable going through the screw? if so, brake it.
It is the same procedure as on a 4 sylinder engine:" rel="nofollow -

87 Karmann LT L 2,4D. 89 T3 Syncro Reimo 1,9TD. 2000 T4 Caravelle TDI

Posted By: binary___
Date Posted: 04 Jun 20 at 13:33
Yes, the 6 cylinder 2.4D.

There is no string going through it, but it has a metal collar on the screw stopping it from going further in. Is there any danger I might mess something up if I take the entire screw out when I remove the collar?

How do I knlw if the max throttle stopper is set correctly?

Posted By: Buss Marius
Date Posted: 04 Jun 20 at 19:40
I would at least try the throttle stopper first. Just screv it a bitt in and take it for a spinn. If it gets better screw it more inn.
Did you see the youtube video? You loosen the colar screw first, then the smoke screw 1/2 a round and then tighten the colar screw again.

87 Karmann LT L 2,4D. 89 T3 Syncro Reimo 1,9TD. 2000 T4 Caravelle TDI

Posted By: binary___
Date Posted: 04 Jun 20 at 20:00
I borrowed a picture online, my smoke screw looks like this one:" rel="nofollow -

You see the collar I speak of?

I have tested the throttle stopper with thw hood off, when I push the pedal to the floor the stopper does not hit the throttle lever. Maybe the wire is bad or the pedal is worn down.

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